When Women Venture to Get Venture Capital

The New York Venture Summit I attended earlier this week, now in its 14th year, was packed with over 200 attendees from life sciences/healthcare, tech and education. Of the nearly 90 companies presenting, about 5% of the presenters were women. Only half of the 5% women were actually CEOs. Many of the women who pitched were in bus dev type roles. There is more Venture and Angel money being invested than ever – in 2013 alone $29B in Venture and $25B in Angel. Why are so few women entrepreneurs pursuing Venture Capital and when they do, why is their success rate so low? In the U.S. women founders own 30% of all businesses but receive only 13% of the Venture Capital "rocket fuel" that flow into companies each year. I spoke with women and men at New York Venture Summit to get a first hand insights about this gap and see if they think the number of VC-funded women-led companies will get into the double digits anytime soon.

from Forbes – ForbesWoman http://ift.tt/1nps8qd

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