Google Values Confident Women — Too Bad Most Companies Don’t

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“If you’re a woman, however, the score that was most predictive was a five out of five. And our hypothesis there was because there is so much societal pressure on women to be self-effacing and humble and hang back and be modest, and wait till they’re certain rather than raising their hand at the first opportunity like men, on average, do — that if a woman says she’s a five, first of all, she’s probably going to have higher EQ and social perceptiveness on average. And second — she’s gonna be amazing! And, indeed, that’s what we see.”

“Attitudes toward women are changing, and for the better, but a host of troubling research shows that they can still pay a heavier social and even professional penalty than men do for acting in a way that’s seen as aggressive. If a woman walks into her boss’s office with unsolicited opinions, speaks up first at meetings, or gives business advice above her pay grade, she risks being disliked or even—let’s be blunt—being labeled a bitch.”

“… when men come across the confident or even arrogant, we assume that they are good at what they do and we call them charismatic. And when women behave in the same way, we tend to see them as psychopathic or a threat to society or an organization. So society punishes manifestations of confidence in women, and rewards them in men– which only reinforces this natural differences between the genders.”

“We found that women weren’t penalized for assertiveness that was expressed through nonverbal means—such as through expansive bodily stances or physical proximity. Likewise, they weren’t penalized for using paraverbal cues, such as speaking loudly or interrupting.”


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How To Get Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran To Invest In Your Startup

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“The money was actually a surprise to me. Money isn’t driving entrepreneurs, success is. You get the satisfaction of self-made success. It’s better than sex. Sex is short-term,” Corcoran says. 

Now, she’s best-known as one of six judges (and one of two self-made women) on the hit CNBC show Shark Tank where about 7 million viewers watch the so-called venture capital sharks question entrepreneurs looking for seed investments and sometimes get into bidding wars with each other over the deals.

Here’s a recap of what it takes to convince her to invest.

Play up your hardships (and hide your privilege).

Look for ideas while you work. 

Ignore advice.

Take ownership of problems.

Focus on growing sales. 


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How This Company Launched a Product on Social Media and Sold Out in 75 Minutes

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If you scour the internet, it’s pretty hard to find any concrete statistics about how many sales are directly generated by social media each year.

I’ve done a lot of posting and asking around and while most consumer brands use social media as part of their marketing strategy and understand its important, it seems a very small percentage can confidently say that it actually drives sales.

Companies that are less successful at social media generally post content focused on fancy new products, tantalizing sales, and attractive company updates – all in an effort to get potential customers to take out their credit cards and buy. What they haven’t considered is that they are not in control of the story anymore because (as Bob pointed out to me) the customers

1) are tired of being told what to buy

2) don’t like the story brands are telling

3) not only want to be part of the story, but want to be captain!

These facts cannot be ignored. The BECCA team fully began to understand this when they noticed the impact a particular social influencer was having on their brand.

The moral of the story, folks? Listen to your customers and adapt. This isn’t the old days when you could take out a TV commercial or a print advertisement and tell people what to buy. Your customers have multiple platforms with which to talk back to you – they’re telling you what they want. Believe them and act accordingly!


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What Tending a Vegetable Garden Can Teach You About Business

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I needed to make that turn, myself; I needed a reason to get out of the office and give my mind a break. To find that something that was the complete opposite of running a tech company. So, I planted a vegetable garden.

What I didn’t foresee was how preparing, planting and maintaining my garden plot could give new insights into managing my business. Here’s how a vegetable garden can give you food, for thought, too.

1. Setting up a strong foundation

A good business needs a proper foundational structure, as well. A solid business plan, sufficient funding and a strong ownership team are the basic building blocks of a sustainable and scalable organization. When one element is out of whack, you run into critical issues that escalate over time. Unmanageable growth, cash-flow issues and poor leadership can quickly cause even good businesses to fail.

2. Plotting your space

Individuals, much like plants, can positively or negatively affect the health of the overall organization, due to factors as subtle as personality and proximity.

3. Nurturing and harvesting

Overall, growing a business and growing a vegetable garden both require planning, dedication and patience. Whether you’re managing a tech company or managing tomatoes, focus on setting up a strong foundation, surrounding your team with the right nutrients and harvesting results when the time is right.


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How to Get All of Your Pitch Emails Opened and Answered

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As an entrepreneur, you will send all kinds of pitch emails to a variety of people and companies. If you have ever gotten a pitch email, you realize a vast majority of these emails did not get much thought beforehand or they are copy and paste emails. You would never give these emails the time of day because there is no benefit for you. You may have even sent one or two of these emails. If you want your emails opened — and a chance to land some new opportunities for your business — here are five things you should do in the email.

1. Impactful subject line.

The best subject lines are specific. They come from you doing research on the person you are approaching and referencing something they have done. When you can say, “I love your work on a certain publication,” or, “I loved your thoughts on…” Your subject line stands out and is more likely to get their attention.

2. Continue the thought.

Continue the thought in the first paragraph with how you were specifically impacted. Once you have done your research and crafted a strong subject line, continue the thought in the first paragraph.

3. Be an expert.

Use the second paragraph to talk about how you are an expert but don’t do it in a way that makes you sound like a snob. Show your work history and what you are currently doing.

4. Have a call to action.

The email itself should be two, maybe three paragraphs at the most. The last paragraph should be a call to action. It should tell the person what you are looking for — the next steps so to speak.

5. No attachments or hyperlinks.

This should be common sense, but sadly, it’s the norm. With viruses and malicious software, it’s rare for someone to open an attachment from someone they don’t know.


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3 Reasons No Money Is No Barrier to Starting Your Business

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Here are three key reasons anyone can become an entrepreneur.

1. Financial liquidity early on.

Young adults are now investing in themselves with respect to proper education and structuring their finances to where they have the flexibility to start a business without having creditors breathing down their necks. If they have an idea, there aren’t any financial chains holding them back from reaching their entrepreneurial potential.

2. Affordable legal and marketing.

You can set up a legal entity in a matter of days, and pay no more than $50 to help with the filing. That’s not just a slight improvement — it’s a game changer for eager entrepreneurs everywhere.

3. Mobilization of businesses.

The days of buying into a multi-year office space lease are over. Coworking spaces, for example, have dramatically reduced the price of office space to accommodate anywhere from one to 20 person companies.

Not only is this structural shift to mobile more convenient for professionals, but it has dramatically reduced fixed costs for any aspiring entrepreneur.


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Are You A Woman With The Sticky Foot Syndrome?

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There are 10 unconscious behaviors we as women need to stop doing ASAP to claim our power, raise our confidence, overcome ‘Sticky Foot Syndrome,’ and put ourselves on the same footing as men in the business world.

1. Stop using minimizing language.

2. Stop apologizing at every turn.

3. Stop asking for permission to express an opinion.

4. Stop waiting for an expert skill set to take on a new role.

5. Stop focusing solely on cooperation rather than competition.

6. Stop questioning yourself and spiraling downward.

7. Stop setting unclear goals.

8. Stop thinking someone will notice your hard work.

9. Stop worrying about offending others.

10. Stop shrinking.


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Don’t Lose That All-Important Sense of Urgency. Do It — Now!

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The secret weapon that is often overlooked to your personal and professional success is urgency.

It’s important to approach each assignment, task and project with extreme care and focus, but being a perfectionist often hinders the sense of urgency needed to produce.

In football, we had a saying — “speed is the name of the game.” It was brought up repeatedly before every meeting, practice and game. What I learned about that saying from hearing it for so many years is that it holds the same amount of truth in life as well as in business.

How to create a sense of urgency in your life.

W. Clement Stone, the late great businessman, philanthropist and author had a success statement that he thought was one of the most powerful statements you could ever say to yourself which was, “DO IT NOW.”

Life presents itself with small windows of opportunity, and we have an even shorter time frame to make a decision. Those with a sense of urgency, will jump through these windows when they see them. Those who lack urgency will do as I once did, and weigh the pros and cons for so long that the opportunity passes us by, and all that’s left is the “woulda, shoulda, coulda’s.”


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