Women May Make Better Entrepreneurs And Here’s Why

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Research confirms women make better entrepreneurs

Women are proving themselves to be more than capable. They are confident, believe in themselves and have drive and urgency to take on the best in the business.

According to 2016 BNP ParibasGlobal Entrepreneur Report, women are found to be slightly more successful than their male counterparts, and have high expectations in general.

Entrepreneurship supports economic growth

Undeniably, there is the general challenge for women in trying to find a balance between work and family and in the end, sustainability of businesses can be compromised. However, in some parts of the world like Singapore and Hong Kong, there is an equal ratio of women and men starting new businesses. Women entrepreneurs have made a significant mark this decade and are now fully recognized as crucial to achieving sustainable development. Opportunities for women are imperative because it makes economic sense. The gender gap that once defined the workforce is narrowing and a new history begins to unfold as empowered women begin to take part in leading the business world.


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