How GoldieBlox Got In Front of 110 Million Potential Customers

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Debbie Sterling launched GoldieBlox in 2012 to bring engineering toys to girls.

30 days later they had $286,000 and 5,600 backers with email addresses. The campaign video was picked up by Upworthy and 1.6M views later, GoldieBlox had an initial production run of 40,000 units.

“We Stumbled on QuickBooks Small Business Big Game”

“We Were In It to Win It”

The most important thing we did was to make Small Business Big Game our number one company priority. The whole team was fired up. We were all in. We were a small team armed with passion, and worked day and night to rise to the top.

“Our Entry Video Was a Labor of Love…and Goosebumps”

Our 90-second video shoot was day-long affair to get the right footage on camera. I love sharing my passion for GoldieBlox in-person. But I had to get comfortable sharing the same passion with a camera six-inches from my face. It wasn’t easy.

“Our Fans Went Nuts”

They weren’t just voting for GoldieBlox to win a commercial. Our supporters wanted to see an empowering ad for their daughters and sons during a historically male-dominated advertising block.

“I Wouldn’t Change a Thing”

Small Business Big Game helped us create a better company. For this year’s entrants, I share two things:

1. The video entry is a great opportunity to tell your story. Take your time with it.

2. Win or lose, if you put your energy into it, great things will come.

You Don’t Have to Win to Be a Winner

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