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How Jules Pieri and her team built a massive niche product company by focusing on a few core ideals

Doing something is so much easier when you have a good framework to go off of, some examples to use, and something to help you visualize what you should be doing.

Enter Jules Pieri and The Grommet

The Grommet is a unique shopping site that picks and launches one cool new product every single day.

Noah sat down with Jules, the founder and CEO, to figure out two things. What has she learned over the last seven years running and building The Grommet

Start Small and Local to Prove the Model

Don’t over engineer your first version and don’t start with a massive marketing plan. If no one you know is interested, it’s doubtful that other people will be.

Be Friends with the Press, Don’t Pitch Them

Think about playing long-ball with the press. Who writes about your industry that you could start developing a relationship with? How can you make their life better by sending them stories, or engaging with their work? Make your own list of ten, and start building relationships.

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Have a Relentless Commitment to Quality

Decide on what you stand for, whether it’s great products, great content, fast services, and make sure that you’re living up to that commitment in everything you’re doing. Where can you improve your delivery on that commitment?

Don’t Assume the “Obvious” Will Work, Experiment with New Channels

What non-obvious channel might you be able to find your target customer in? What mindset do you want them in? Where isn’t your competition advertising and is there a way to leverage it?

Have a Strong Story and Personality to Create Retention

Is there a way you can tell a stronger story in order to keep bringing customers or visitors back to your site? How can you feel more human to them, and not just a website or a company?

Last, Be Deliberate

“Use that 10% of your income that’s discretionary to support companies you care about. Think about what their impact on the world is, and what you value, and be very deliberate about that 10%.”


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