This Exceptional 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur Owns a $1 Million Business

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Entrepreneurs can learn a few important lessons from kidpreneur Evan.

Meet EvanTubeHD, an enterprising young man with more than a million subscribers and a billion views on his YouTube channel.

Did I mention he’s only 9?!

It’s not as outrageous as you might imagine. It all started when Evan began reviewing his favorite video games and toys on video–with the help of his dad Jared

Evan and Jared began making Angry Birds stop-motion clay videos, which they posted on YouTube to share with friends

They turned to Maker Studios, an advertising network and production company that specializes in YouTube talent

Here are a few YouTube business tips you can put to work for you, based on Evan’s entrepreneurial success:

  1. Persistence is key.

Keep creating content and be persistent.

2. Connect with your Audience.

Understand what need you’re serving for them

3. Provide Value.

Evan provides a valuable service by potentially saving people money, allowing them to “test-drive” games and toys through him before they buy.

4. Stand Out. Be Unique.

Maybe it’s based on a skill you have, like Evan’s stop-motion clay figurine videos. It could just as easily be your personality or a contrary stance on an issue.

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