Gender Imbalance in the Tech and Startup Sector – Fact or Fiction?

curated from Forbes

When asked to speak about gender bias, Bryan Stolle, a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, admits that he never really gave the topic much thought before. He didn’t think of it as a problem before, because he has and still works with many female executives. And although that may sound peachy, readily available data speak for itself. There is still an urgent discrepancy between the ratio of women in the tech sector and the women in the world that needs to be addressed.

A team can benefit greatly from a woman positive outlook and productiveness, that’s for sure. But Bryan says that, “Men and women can be different — in how they think, in how they assess risk, in how they look at a problem, in how they solve a problem.  The differences can be real, and pretending they are not is absurd.”

“What we really need to pay attention to is the fact that different ways of thinking and approaching problems – diversity in general – is an asset and something to be desired, embraced and sought after,” he added.

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