Ringing the Bell at NASDAQ

As most of you know I was part of the contingent of ATL startup folks invited to go with @InvestAtlanta to ring the bell at NASDAQ. It was a fun, exciting morning surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs. Tons of great energy in the room. In my roles as founder of StartupChicks and Community Catalyst at ATDC, I felt like a little bit of an outsider. My personal mission is currently about helping OTHER entrepreneurs succeed, versus playing a key role in an organization building a large scalable business.

By being a little bit on the outside, I was able to watch how different people reacted to the environment and opportunity. I noticed a clear delineation between how our male startup CEOs acted versus the female. Now, to be 100% fair, the male CEOs are much further on their entrepreneurial journey. All of them have raised significant funds, have employees and are growing rapidly. The women CEOs, in attendance, are at the beginning of their journey: solopreneurs & little to no funding raised.

The men all acted as-if. When they had their shot behind the podium, it looked like they were there for THEIR IPO. They were in the moment and obviously having fun.

All the women, looked pensive and serious.

Am I reading too much into this, PROBABLY.

But, what a GREAT opportunity to visualize your future success. I hope they all looked beyond the simple photo op.

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