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Want to Find Your Purpose? Stop Looking for It. Start Living With It.

curated from Entrepreneur How do you find your purpose? The quest to fill the void with a greater purpose is compelling. It sells books, seminars, and movies. It has been dramatized to such an extent that people are figuratively on the floor searching in the dark for the key that will unlock the secret to read on

13 Bad Habits of Making Things Too Complicated (and How to Fix Them)

curated from Inc. Here are some of the ways you may be needlessly complicating your work and your life. 1. You run from tough situations. Among the hardest decisions you will ever face is choosing between walking away and trying harder. Keep it simple by tackling what is hard with a tough stand, a tough read on

Women Entrepreneurs Fuel Social Change and Economic Growth

curated from Forbes For years, women have had to adapt to the male way of doing things, even when starting our businesses. But things are changing! The number of women growing their businesses beyond $1 million has reached a tipping point. An impressive 24% of all businesses have more than 50% ownership by women, according read on

Tony Robbins’s 5 Best Habits for Happiness and Success

curated from Inc. Here are the five I believe are most powerful. You can find the full list here.  1. Spend 30 minutes reading every day. Robbins calls this daily reading “one of the most valuable of my life.” He says he got the bug from his teacher Jim Rohn, who told him that reading read on

6 Strategies For Being Happier With Your Life

curated from Forbes A 2013 Harris Poll on happiness found that only 33 percent of Americans said they were very happy. The 2012 World Happiness Report, published by Columbia University’s Earth Institute, ranked the U.S. 23rd on a 50-country happiness index. “There’s nothing wrong with looking for happiness; many people are just looking in the read on