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Stashd Founder Jessica Wilson and Her “Screw It, Let’s Do It” Mantra

curated from Forbes Jessica Wilson’s story started two years ago when she travelled from Australia to Silicon Valley. She didn’t have any immediate plans or friends that would help her out. She recalls looking at her iPhone with Sir Richard Branson as screensaver and the quote that says, “Screw it, let’s do it.” Wilson says read on

Why Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Meyer Encourages Boldness

curated from Forbes When Marissa Meyer left Google in July 2012, her former boss, Google founder Sergey Brin, gave her a very important advice. That is, to be bold. And that’s exactly what guided her when she made the move to acquire Tumblr and made a strategic partnership with Alibaba. Meyer says that, “If you read on

How BlockCypher Went From Zero Users to Processing 1M+ API Calls Per Day

curated from Women2.0 BlockCypher is a Bitcoin web service that enables developers to easily build block chain applications. Its founders, Catheryne Nicholson and Matthieu Riou, are testaments of how dedication, sheer will and belief can take you places. When they were interviewed for YC S14, Sam Altman told them that they did not think BlockCypher read on

Success Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

curated from Project Eve There are more women who are taking a leap at becoming successful entrepreneurs. And though it is not an easy path to take, the rewards will be great. You can be your own boss and you can rest from the daily 9-5 slog. Here are five tips that you can do read on

Apply Now to Get a Chance to Take Your Tech Careers to a New Level

curated from General Assembly General Assembly (GA) will fly four women to San Francisco this September for a week of dynamic opportunities to explore the tech sector in depth. The educational journey will be on September 13th until the 18th. After the week, GA will keep working with them to nurture their progress. What’s in store for you if read on