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How Your Childhood May Be Sabotaging Your Success

curated from Forbes What are you scared of? It’s a question I pose to all of my clients when they know what they want to do but can’t seem to take the first step. It’s a simple enough inquiry, but for some clients, answering it is tougher than solving a Rubik’s Cube. A year ago, read on

Developing The 3 Habits Of Transformational Leaders

curated from Forbes “How do I become a transformational leader?” Transformational leaders are people who, irrespective of audience, possess the ability to create big shifts in their audiences’ thinking, which leads to big shifts in their behavior, which enables them to achieve extraordinary results. Many leaders are facile at inspiring their audience or getting them on read on

An early-stage founder’s quick & dirty guide to growth

curated from TNW News Growth is what founders and investors alike are constantly searching for. Growth enables startups to quickly create tremendous value in the market. Without growth you’re dead in the water. But according to Paul Graham, there’s a silver lining: “…if you get growth, everything else tends to fall into place.” “For a read on

Empowered Women No Longer Need A Power Suit

curated from Forbes In the 1980’s, the power suit was an essential item in a professional woman’s wardrobe. The power suit, equipped with shoulder pads to increase stature, paired with high heels for the extra power lift, was a symbol of women’s new prominence in the workplace. Donna Karan supported the need for an empowering read on

How do tech’s biggest companies compare on diversity?

curated from THE VERGE “The EEO-1 has not kept pace with changes in industry or the American workforce over the past half century,” reads the Apple diversity page. “We believe the information we report elsewhere on this site is a far more accurate reflection of our progress toward diversity.” It’s true that a form which read on