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How Having Big Dreams Can Help You As An Entrepreneur

curated from Forbes Dreaming is oftentimes given a bad rep — it’s an act that either takes up too much time or invokes too little action. Part of the bad reputation comes from the notion that dreams never lead to action, as an entrepreneur, I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t be where I read on

Are You Addicted To Work?

curated from Forbes A set of researchers from the University of Bergin in Norway recently set out to determine how many people are genuinely and perhaps even dangerously addicted to work. They developed a Bergen Work Addiction Scale and tested 12,135 Norwegian employees from 25 different industries. The scale reflects the seven core elements of read on

Success Feels Magical But How Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams Is All Common Sense

curated from entrepreneur Being an entrepreneur means having a dream, a grand vision about what must be changed in the world to make it better. When those dreams and goals are huge, the entrepreneur can be called ambitious (in the best sense of the word). But the difference between a dreamer and a successful ambitious entrepreneur read on

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Running a Startup

curated from projecteve Here are 6 tips to stay on track when you are the CEO of your own startup: 1. Create a Balance: It’s important to remember that unless you take care of yourself first, you are not going to be able to do anything for your business. If you find yourself working a ridiculous read on

Google Values Confident Women — Too Bad Most Companies Don’t

curated from Forbes “If you’re a woman, however, the score that was most predictive was a five out of five. And our hypothesis there was because there is so much societal pressure on women to be self-effacing and humble and hang back and be modest, and wait till they’re certain rather than raising their hand read on