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15 Women Who Led IPOs and Bagged $400 Million

Lili Balfour of Altier Advisors recently posted this fascinating post about women who have led an IPO.  Get all the details here: read on

7 Mindsets for Overcoming Business Heartbreak

curated from entrepreneur If used correctly, heartbreak and failure become the springboards to a better life with increased success. Heartbreak has the power to make you stronger, more powerful and more resilient. It essentially raises your basic level of training. Heartbreak feels debilitating, and for a time it often is, but it is not the end read on

When Dreams Of Growth Require A Business Shift

curated from Forbes   In 2006, she transformed her husband’s lifeguarding business into a company that builds and maintains swimming pools. Today, Bratton Pools brings in $2 million in annual revenue mainly by building custom aqua playlands for Houston homeowners, often now also ringed by lovely patios and outdoor kitchens and accessed via driveways the read on

How To Avoid Being A ‘One Hit Wonder’ – Forbes

curated from Forbes 30 million media impressions. $100,000 in sponsorships. $20,000 for charity. The most fantastic wedding ever, with the most satisfied sponsors ever. There are a few things that you can do to avoid being stuck in a space of feeling like a “one hit wonder”. Accept That You Don’t Decide What Goes Viral read on

A Site Whose Mission Is To Help Women Return To Work And Help Companies Find Them

curated from Forbes Après lists full and part-time jobs, as well as consulting and contract gigs. About 15,000 women have joined so far, and Gefsky says monthly growth has been steady. It’s a highly qualified membership. All are college graduates, 55% have graduate degrees, and members have an average of seven years of work experience. read on