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The Worst Bosses Might Actually Be Good For Your Career

curated from Forbes – ForbesWoman As writers and researchers, we typically focus our attention on companies and people who achieve great things, and lead people to extraordinary results. We love to share stories about how leaders somehow tug out the best and most unexpected results from their people. But, when we began talking about who read on

Five Things To Check Before You Start Your Own Business

curated from Forbes – ForbesWoman It’s easier than ever to start a business, but not so easy to run one. Here are five items to check for yourself before you hang out your shingle. via IFTTT read on

Lead Like The Reigning Business Women Of The South

curated from Forbes – ForbesWoman The south is not home to the financial or fashion capital of the country. Nor does it have a center for huge tech conglomerates or publishing and media houses. What the south does have are strong and fearless women who are reining those industries, even when they aren’t in the read on

Tools To Make Your Self-Talk More Positive

curated from Forbes – ForbesWoman We often get stuck on thinking and doing things the same way for so long, that we forget there are so many other ways to make decisions or to succeed. If you think you’ve exhausted every possibility, you’re wrong. When you think differently, you open more doors for opportunity—doors you read on

Top 10 SBA Loan Lenders

curated from Forbes – ForbesWoman via IFTTT read on