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3 Gritty Tips That Will Make You Way More Exciting And Successful

curated from Forbes Kim Chambers swims with the sharks. She is drawn to the adrenaline rush she gets from immersing herself into the unknown and feeling emotions she doesn’t experience on land. She’s one of the world’s best marathon swimmers. But if you would have asked her six years ago if she would be participating read on

Lessons In Entrepreneurship: Let Your ‘Why’ Be Your Guide

curated from Forbes Marketing might help you make a sale, but authenticity is how you earn loyalty… and that doesn’t come from data or slogans. It comes from personal stories, and a whole lot of soul. To which I say… When you leave it up to someone else to decide what makes you special, they read on

If You Want a Solid Future You Need to Know Where You Are In The Business Life Cycle

curated from Inc. Most businesses follow a fairly predictable life cycle. If you know the different business stages in the life cycle you can make better decisions and enjoy your successes that little bit more. Or to put it another way, you will know when to panic and when to celebrate. In my opinion there read on

How My Multi-Million Dollar Failure Taught Me to Be More Successful

curated from inc There is no such thing as failure, only feedback, and it’s what we do with thatfeedback that determines how successful we will ultimately be. When we fail, we have three options.  We can choose to quit, which is really the only true failure We can choose to ignore it, but when we do read on

How Laura Roeder Built Her ‘Edgar’ App to $150,000 Monthly Revenue in 13 Months

curated from entrepreneur Roeder is the founder of Edgar, an application that automates social media scheduling and marketing. Edgar is a cutting-edge service, and one of the fastest-growing competitors to HootSuite. Many experts are very impressed with Roeder’s track record; in fact, President Obama asked her to speak at the White House on entrepreneurship. The read on